Fees for treatment are based on estimated length of time needed. Average fees are listed below though if additional time is needed for complex treatments a further charge will be made. A full estimate will be given to the patient at their consultation visit. Fees correct as of Sept 2017.

NB – These charges apply to those patients who have been referred to us by their own dentist or for patients who wish to self-refer. A list can be provided for patients of the practice, please contact us by phone or email.


Consultation £90
Veneer units from £450
Crown units from £500
F/F Dentures from £950
F/- or-/F Denture from £550
P/- or -/P Denture from £450
Chrome Denture from £795


Consultation £65
Root Canal Treatment – Anteriors / premolars from £450
Root Canal Treatment – Molars from £580
Apical Surgery from £350


Single tooth replacement (fixture and crown) from £2300
Implant retained full denture (fixtures and denture) from £5500


Consultation £95
Scaling / Root planing from £200
Periodontal surgery/ hemisection from £450
Soft Tissue Grafting (mucogingival) from £600
Hygienist £60
Crown Lengthening (1 tooth) from £300
Regenerative periodontal surgery from £500
Frenectomy £150